Tigrigna Television Channels
  Dimtsi Hafash Dimtsi Hafash Radio is the companion radio channel to ERI-TV. It currently broadcasts in nine different local languages including Amharic and Oromo.
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ERI TV Eritrea Television (ERI-TV) is the national public broadcaster of the state of Eritrea, providing programming on current social, economic, political, and cultural events in Eritrea as well as news and entertainment in four languages: Tigre, Tigrigna, Arabic, and English.
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Toll Free: 888-988-5288
Albanian Farsi Romanian
Amharic French Russian
Arabic Hindi Serbian
Armenian Hungarian Serere
Azerbaijani Italian Soninke
Belarusian Lithuanian Spanish
Bosnian Malayalam Tagalog
Cambodian Pashto Thai
Chinese Polish Tigrigna
Diola Portuguese Turkish
English Punjabi Wolof

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